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Guest Fold
Tuesday, 18 March 2014 19:46

This is a section of Guest Fold, a piece of land behind the Cenotaph that was originally destined to become a tranquil 'Peace Garden', a place for quiet contemplation to remember those who lost their lives in the wars.

The project lost its way and its purpose and implausible reasons were given for not following through with the plans. Trees were all cut down without consultation. The ensuing uproar brought the excuse that the trees were diseased, oddly enough a plan showing a pathway that was to be constructed had trees on it marked with red crosses that were to be cut down. As if people couldn't walk around a tree! Then the reason given for giving up on the plan was put down to the fact that there MAY be a mine shaft within 50 metres and it wasn't safe to have people on there. Well, there were heavy vehicles on there stripping the land and it is now allotments with lots of people wandering about on it, including children. Odd isn't it?

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